Rasgulla is a popular dessert in India, especially in the eastern state of Odisha. The dessert is made of chenna (cottage cheese) balls that are boiled in sugar syrup. The origins of the Odisha Rasgulla can be traced back to the 12th century, where it was offered as a delicacy at the Jagannath Temple in Puri. It was known as “Kheer mohana” or “Kheera mohana” in Odia language.

However, the popularization of Rasgulla as we know it today is credited to a sweet maker named Nobin Chandra Das, who hailed from the town of Salepur in Odisha. In the late 19th century, Das experimented with the traditional chenna-based sweets and invented the Rasgulla. He opened his sweet shop in Kolkata, and the dessert became an instant hit with the locals. Today, Rasgulla is a popular dessert not only in India but also in other parts of the world.

Rasgulla Recipe in step by step

Sure, here is the step-by-step recipe for Odisha Rasgulla:


  • 1 liter of cow milk
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 cup sugar


  1. Boil the milk in a heavy bottom pan.
  2. Once it comes to a boil, add lemon juice and stir continuously until the milk curdles completely.
  3. Remove from heat and strain the mixture through a muslin cloth.
  4. Wash the curdled milk under running water to remove the lemony flavor.
  5. Now, hang the muslin cloth for 30 minutes to drain out excess water.
  6. After that, knead the chenna (curdled milk) until it becomes smooth.
  7. Make small balls (around 10-12) from the chenna and keep them aside.
  8. In a separate pot, add water and sugar and bring it to a boil.
  9. Add the chenna balls to the boiling sugar syrup and cover the pot.
  10. Cook them for 20-25 minutes on medium heat.
  11. Remove from heat and let it cool down.
  12. Serve chilled and enjoy the delicious Odisha Rasgulla.

What is the shelf life of Rasgulla?

The shelf life of Odisha Rasgulla is typically around 2-3 days if stored properly in the refrigerator. It is recommended to consume them as soon as possible for the best taste and texture.

On which festival is Rasgulla prepared?

Odisha Rasgulla is traditionally prepared on the occasion of Rath Yatra, which is a Hindu festival celebrated in the state of Odisha.

What are the benefits of Rasgulla?

Odisha Rasgulla is a type of sweet made from chenna (a form of cheese) and sugar syrup. Some benefits of consuming it in moderation include providing a quick source of energy, improving digestion, and boosting mood. However, it should be noted that it is high in calories and sugar, so it should be enjoyed as a treat and not as a regular part of a healthy diet.

What is the cost of Rasgulla in Odisha?

The cost of Odisha Rasgulla in Odisha can vary depending on the location and the seller. On average, the cost can range from Rs. 300-500 per kg.

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