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Horse Racing at Canalturf

Canalturf is a sports business located in Paris, France. Their address is 96 Rue de la Victoire. They have 10 reviews with an average rating of 3.2 stars. You can learn more about them by reading the reviews posted on their business listing. They have the ability to customize your event with the help of their professional staff.

Quinte+ race

The Quinte+ race at Canalturf in Auteuil, France, has been a regular fixture since 1971. It is a level Group I race, held over 1200 metres, and is open to four and five year olds. The favorite is HAPPYDAY, who is coming off of eight books following a win at the quinte Prix de Beaune. The horse is a consistent winner of both flat and hurdle races and looks ready to repeat his win on canalturf.

There are several contenders in this race. Nine FILUP has yet to win in a quintet, and he is on the lookout for his first victory in this category. He has finished at least six times in the past, and he’s confident on well-sorted tracks. However, he’s unlikely to win a Quinte+ race, so he’s a good option for the outsiders.

Another good choice in this race is Extra Du Chahatult. This gelding finished second in the Eureka Vrie at Vincennes on 11 June and third in the Prix de Bretagne two weeks ago. He’s in good condition and could make a nice surprise.

The race is being run on canalturf, and this makes for a better surface. The course is much smoother than usual, and the track is known to be very fast. That means that a top-class horse could have a good chance of winning the Quinte+ race. That’s why this race is a popular one in Quebec. There are several reasons why you should be excited about this race.

There are several good horses aiming at the Quinte+ race. Some of them are already in the American ranks, and they’re in top form. In addition to these, they’re also in good condition for their debuts. The rallongation of distance shouldn’t bother these horses. FEYDEAU SEVEN won a Groupe III race at Vincennes, and she’s in great form heading to her Quinte+ race. And REBELLA MATTERS is a redoutable finisher from Jean-Michel Bazire’s stable.

Digeon’s Grace

Digeon’s Grace is one of the most prestigious stakes horses in the country. The gelding was a favorite for the race when he was backed by eric raffin. Other notable runners included Carlos Dreux and GARDNER SHAW. Grace du Digeon also won the prestigious Cleomede Trophy.

Grace du Digeon (11,”Quinte+”) is a level D mare who has already won three races. Her impressive record includes two straight wins and a triple win in the Quinte+. Her next start will be against ZE5-evenement opposition at the Paris-Vincennes Hippodrome.

Eric Raffin

Eric Raffin canalturf is a Belgian horse that has won numerous races in his career. His winning streak spans nearly four years and he has won on the Belge Hippodrome four times. In addition, his canalturf skills have been perfected by a few renowned trainers.

His impressive performance at La Rochelle-Chatelaillon yesterday saw him win three races. He has won 78 races since his debut in January and over 450 over the past year. This weekend, he will race in the Sulky d’Or and he will carry a tete course. During his career, he has accumulated 63 wins on the tete course. In the Sulky d’Or, he will compete against Alexandre Abrivard.

Galia Sotho

Galia Sotho has been brimming with confidence this summer, winning Chinon, Tours and Vincennes, as well as a fifth place at the European championships last month. Although she did begin with some prejudice, she is a strong contender and looks to be gaining ground.

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