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YPhone Toy Phone for Kids (Review)


The YPhone toy phone is the latest craze among kids this year! Yphone is the first professional take on a regular smartphone, and considering its features, it has become very popular as a gift choice among parents.

Children always imitate their parents; if they see you speaking on a mobile phone, they will also want to own a toy mobile phone. But gifting an actual phone is not possible for kids as they are expensive phones and could potentially threaten nasty things on the internet. It is where the YPhone comes in.

Toy phones have long shaken off their stint as playing accessories and are now much more sophisticated to keep active kids engaged.

What Makes YPhone So Popular

YPhone is a little play phone for kids. These toy phones are perfect for children and toddlers. This pseudo-mobile is sure to enthrall and entertain kids and babies.

Excellent Build: The front side of the phone reflects a mobile with buttons for all the numbers, colors, etc. The toy phone has a little teddy bear with a heart picture on the back for the kids. There are various designs and cartoon characters in different models to attract kids.

Buttons:  It can do many things as the buttons work! Each time you press a button, the phone changes with lights going along with songs. With its working buttons, the YPhone does more.

Music: The toy phone has many different songs that let the kids understand the melody of a song. They can sing along with the phone. Provided with different music and songs, it can keep the fussiest babies engaged. They will stay away from fiddling with your mobile.

Lights: Although the phone’s sides appear opaque, they embrace shining bright lights. The phone glares around, making it fun for the kids to look at and play with. The flashing multicolor lights all over the edges make the phone realistic and stimulating. Flashing lights, music, and sound attract children.

Camera: The YPhone is designed to look like built with a camera. Because of its appropriate size, it tricks kids think that they have a real phone.

Kids are ever eager to learn new shapes, colors, textures, tastes, sounds, and things around them. The toy phone also helps them learn motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

YPhone Specifications

The simulation learning YPhone is a simple toy. It is not a real phone and contains no games. The toy phone measures 12.5cm (L), 5.8 cm (W), and 0.8 cm (thick) and fits the hands of the children easily. It also has a compact design and tough chassis and weighs only a lightweight 90g. Yphone is available in black and white color models.

It comes with a power switch, insulation sheet, and a Micro USB charging interface. The charger takes 10 to 20 minutes to recharge the toy phone. It also has rich color buttons that attract children.

Yphone Modes: The phone has eight main functions and can operate in the following modes:

  • Mobile mode
  • Piano mode
  • Color mode
  • Fruit pattern
  • Drum mode
  • Game mode
  • Maths mode
  • Question mode

The YPhone opens as you press the switch. It says something relevant to the picture on the button as children touch it. The Bezel illuminates when you press the buttons. The buttons are not only sensitive, but they also lead to different modes. The question mode is the essence of this toy phone. The kids can ask questions for answers.

Buttons That Work: The ON/OFF switch at the bottom of the phone is easy to operate. You can change the number, color, fruit, etc., by pushing a button. You can also change the volume to 5 levels by pressing and holding the button. YPhone contains ten classical sleeping music and 20 classic children’s songs for the kids.

The toy phone features buttons with images and helps comprehension and recognition of numbers & colors, fruits, etc. It also helps to improve verbal skills. The music mode helps children to sing along with the toy phone.

Safe Materials – The toy phone uses ABS plastic that is non-toxic and safe. Because of its lightweight, it is ideal for children. When buying toys, they must be non-toxic and free from phthalates. It is best to look for one with ABS plastic that is known to be free from toxic substances.

YPhone Pros

  • Its stylish design simulates Apple iPhone
  • Loaded with colors and improves number recognition and listening comprehension
  • Delightful flashlights
  • Stimulating sound effects
  • Improves the cognitive and motor skills of the babies.
  • Takes in the realm of imagination
  • Comes with a micro USB charger
  • Attractive and affordable
  • Makes an amazing gift

Yphone Price

Several companies make it, and it retails in popular e-commerce stores for around $10, just under the price of a Jio Phone!

Takeaway: Now that you are here, you have a fair idea of the features of the YPhone. It is an ideal tool to keep the tiny tots busy and learn skills during their growing years. So, what are you waiting for? Get one today for your little darling.


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