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What happened to мангалиб? Causes of website problems in 2022


As you may have noticed, the мангалиб site was either unavailable recently, or gave errors describing non-existent bugs, or even a warning from Roskomnadzor about blocking the resource. Why did this happen? Is the site really blocked?

I will try to answer all the questions in order.

For what reasons can мангалиб be unavailable?

мангалиб may be unavailable for one of several reasons: hacking, critical errors, site overload due to DDoS attacks, technical work on the server, moving to a new server, using a VPN, or visiting a resource from foreign IP addresses.

How to check the availability of the мангалиб website?

You can check if the мангалиб site is currently running or not on the DownRadar site . It can be used to find out general information about the availability of the server, see the number of crash messages left by other users, or report problems.

If there are many failures, Mangalib does not work not only for you

How can I find out about technical work on the site?

You can find out about technical work, hacks and other problems on the мангалиб VKontakte page , in Telegram or Discord . I do not update the latest information about bugs and site breakdowns, please check it in official sources!

How often is maintenance work carried out on мангалиб?

On the мангалиб.me website, scheduled technical work is carried out on average once a month, sometimes more often. You can learn about them in 1-2 days in the news section . The easiest way to find out about unplanned technical work on the Mangalib website is on Telegram , VK or Ds , as they often happen suddenly and are associated with critical problems (for example, bugs or hacks).

Example of notification about technical work on the server

The average duration of technical work is about 3-5 hours.

What to do if manga, manhwa, pictures on the server are not loading?

If your images are not loading on the мангалиб website, you need to go into the settings and change the server to an alternative one, or reload the page. The button for changing the server (settings) is always at the top of the page.

Screenshot example with instructions:

Procedure for Switching to Alternate Site Servers

мангалиб blocked in 2020?

No, it’s fake. The high-profile story related to the “blocking by Roskomnadzor” is a provocation that happened due to the hacking of the site in May 2020.

How мангалиб got hacked in 2020?

In 2020, an attacker or an unidentified group of people obtained (and) access to the source code of мангалиб on Gitlab by hacking into the account of the admin (Victor). This resulted in the site being hacked, redirected to other resources (including those blocked by RKN), problems with bookmarks (before the cache was cleared), long patching of security holes, and a frequent crash of the site in May 2020.

To the credit of the developers, access to the site was quickly restored, so the only problem that we have to worry about at the moment is the periodic unavailability during maintenance.

How to understand that мангалиб has been hacked again?

If the hacking is carried out according to a similar scheme, you will see a window or inscription that should not be on the мангалиб site. For example, a page with information about blocking a site in Roskomnadzor, a stub with a request to transfer money, redirection to left-handed resources, a notification about an insecure connection, or non-standard errors with mocking inscriptions.

One of the problems that arose due to the hack was the RKN blocking plate, which in fact was not

The rest depends on the ability and imagination of the hacker.

If something like this happened - do not follow third-party links, do not credit money and do not try to interact with the Mangalib website in any other way! Instead, visit the official Mangalib VKontakte group , or take a look at the " Bugs and Issues " section to find out what's wrong.

It will be more useful than following the appearance of new information in my blog. First, I don’t update it very often. Secondly, in the profile community you can get an answer much easier and faster than on a random site on the Internet.

What to do if мангалиб is hacked?

  • Do not panic;
  • Find out the latest news in the official group ;
  • Change the username and password on other sites if you have used them elsewhere;
  • Change the name and password when access to the site is restored (I do not recommend doing this on a hacked site, especially using social networks or personal email);
  • Check if your email has been leaked. For example, here ;
  • If it is still possible to read manga on the site and you fundamentally want to read it here, use a third-party browser without trying to register, without entering passwords and using private mode. This will help protect yourself from leaking data.

How to check if мангалиб is blocked or not?

You can check whether мангалиб is blocked in Russia or not using a single registry of banned sites or a universal blocking check service (I recommend using it). If the portal is on the list, then Roskomnadzor has blocked it, in other cases you have nothing to worry about.

If the portal is not in the registry, but a notification pops up that access to the site is limited on the territory of the Russian Federation, I recommend checking the official VK group , or wait about 8 hours (the data in the registry is updated approximately with this frequency).

The main thing is not to be afraid! The last time a block notification appeared, it was a consequence of a hack and was 100% fake (a simple redirect to another blocked resource):

There is no Mangalib in the  Unified Domain Name Registry

What to do if there is no access to the site due to a redirect?

If the Mangalib site is not accessible due to a redirect, try the following:

  • Open a new tab;
  • Right-click on a page with an open tab and select the “View Code” option;
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Network” tab (“Network” in Firefox);
  • Click the checkbox next to Disable Cache (“Disable the cache” in Firefox);
  • Go to the site or tab on Mangalib where the redirect occurs, then refresh the page.
The instructions are for Firefox on PC, but you can use similar settings in other browsers!

In addition, you can disable the cache manually in your browser settings, or clear the cache (the easiest option). For example, in Firefox, you can clear the cache in the “Privacy & Security” settings menu tab, in the “Cookies and Site Data” section, by clicking the “Clear Data” button and selecting “Cached Web Content”. You should not check the box next to “Cookies and site data” if you do not want to re-enter all open sites immediately or after restarting the browser.

Clearing the cache can help get rid of redirects. But first, use the first method!

I can’t access мангалиб through social networks

If you are unable to connect to Mangalib via social networks, use ProstoVPN and private proxies, or deploy WireGuard on VDS. By activating any of the options before entering the site, you will be authorized without any problems in order to continue reading manga, manhwa and other works.

You can use any popular VPN to confirm your login. For example, Express VPN, ProtonVPN or VPN Gate.

However, this is not very practical: when you try to go back to the site, you may encounter a “stub” – error 1020, due to which it is impossible to use the catalog and forum. Therefore, it is better to switch to Anti- Prohibition , GoodbyeDPI , or a personal VPN with a white IP that has not yet been included in the block list.

Of the VPNs with free plans, Cloudflare WARP is the best friend with Mangalib . Especially on PC!

If you use Warp, you will not need to constantly check the IP address in the browser, disable and re-enable the VPN. With software from Cloudflare, it is convenient to both register and access the site through social networks to read your favorite manhuas.

But the most important advantage of WARP is cross-platform. The software works on Windows, MacOS, Apple, Linux and Android:

If Cloudflare WARP is blocked in Russia or the application starts to be blocked on Liba, use Anti- Prohibition , GoodbyeDPI , or VPNs that are not on the list above.

Why can’t I find the manhwa on Mangalib?

If manga, manhwa, manhua, and other works cannot be found on Mangalib, they may have been removed, renamed, or sent to another library.

For example, in July 2022, some of the titles were moved to Yaoilib so that Roskomnadzor would not restrict access to the site.

I recommend looking for your favorite works on other portals from the *Lib family, if it doesn’t help, make a request in Google / Yandex search engines, or use alternative platforms – Remanga , Manga24 , Manga One Love , Readmanga , Mangahub .

Why was yaoi removed from Mangalib?

Yaoi was removed from Mangalib to avoid blocking the site. Now all such titles will be published on YaoiLib.

Yaoi works were often the subject of complaints to the RKN. If the administration does not promptly remove "controversial materials", this may lead to access restrictions and other unpleasant consequences.

Moving yaoi to another portal is a forced move to keep Mangalib safe in case government censorship increases, such as new repressive laws against LGBT people, and also a way to keep the site’s core audience.

What to do in other cases?

If the Mangalib site is lying again, but it is definitely not blocked or hacked, first check the official page of the site in VK or Telegram (links are at the beginning of the article)!

Probably, there are technical works or transfer of the site to a new server. Technical work usually takes from 2-3 to 5 hours, a full site transfer can take much longer.

If the first attempt to restore access did not work, do not worry and try to go through the entire list!

Examples of cases where access to the site was not possible:

  • December 6, 2020 server crashed ;
  • Technical work was carried out on December 7, 2020 and January 29, 2021 ;
  • On April 13, 2021 the site was temporarily unavailable due to an update ;
  • On June 29, 2021, Mysql moved to a new server on Mangalib , due to which the site was unavailable from 6 am to 9-10 am Moscow time or from 1 pm to 4-5 pm Vladivostok time;
  • July 9, 2021 — technical work on the server (05:00 — 08:00 Moscow time, 12:00 — 15:00 Moscow time);
  • August 10, 2021 — technical work (06:00 — 09:00 Moscow time, 13:00 — 16:00 Moscow time);
  • September 13, 2021 — technical work (05:00 — 08:00 Moscow time, 12:00 — 15:00 Moscow time);
  • February 2, 2022 — technical work on the server (05:00 — 08:00 Moscow time, 12:00 — 15:00 Moscow time);
  • June 20, 2022 – technical work on the server (5:00 – 15:00 Moscow time, 12:00 – 22:00 Moscow time).

Now you know what happened to the site, what consequences it can lead to, whether you should be afraid of blocking and how to deal with redirects. Hope this information helps you!

Source: https://tengyart.ru/chto-sluchilos-s-mangalib-prichiny-problem-s-sajtom/


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