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Similipal largest wildlife sanctuaries in India

Similipal has a lot to offer tourists. For one, it’s home to several amazing waterfalls. The Jaranda Falls is among them. Another is the Barehipani Waterfall. Plus, there’s the Mugger crocodile farm.

Jaranda Falls or Joranda Falls

If you are looking for an ideal picnic spot in Odisha, look no further than the spectacular Jaranda Falls in Similipal. Nestled among the dense forest, this waterfall offers the perfect setting for your next family day out. Its natural beauty, picturesque valleys and whistling winds make it a unique experience.

The Joranda waterfall is located in the core area of the Similipal National Park. With a water current that gushes down from a height of about 150 meters, the falls are the perfect place to escape the heat of the summers. This scenic spot also provides a relaxing mind blogging atmosphere.

The park is home to a large number of animals and plants. You can also enjoy trekking, hiking and nature walks in the tiger reserve. A wide variety of reptiles and herbivores live in the park. Some of the animal species that you can expect to encounter here include elephants, snakes, and turtles.

Simlipal is the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. The park is situated in the northernmost district of Odisha. Previously, it served as a hunting ground for the rulers of Marurbhanj.

Today, Simlipal is one of the major tiger projects in India. Located near the border with Rajasthan, this national park is a favorite destination for wildlife lovers. There are several accommodation options available. Several taxis and hired cars are also available to help visitors reach the park.

When you visit the Simlipal National Park, do not miss out on the opportunity to observe the tiger, as well as the other wild creatures that call this land home. The park is also famous for its sparkling waterfalls. And with an abundance of wild flowers, grasses, and colorful foliage, this pristine oasis is a paradise for nature lovers.

Simlipal is a great place to learn about the tribal people of Orissa. It is one of the first eight Biosphere Reserves in India. Here, you can interact with the local populace and take in the rich biodiversity of the region.

Besides wildlife, you can also indulge in a host of other activities. For instance, you can take a trip to the Rasikaraya Temple. Another popular site is the Radha Mohan temple, which is built in a rectangular shape.

Barehipani water fall

Barehipani is one of the famous tourist destinations in Mayurbhanj district. It is located in the Similipal National Park. The water fall is known to be one of the most spectacular waterfalls in India. Besides the waterfalls, the national park also has a rich source of flora and fauna.

The area around the falls is covered with a lush green forest. People who love nature should visit this place to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region. A major tourist attraction, the waterfalls attract thousands of visitors each year.

The national park is home to a number of tigers and wild elephants. It is also a tiger sanctuary. You can watch white tiger, Bengal tiger and chausingha in this natural habitat.

Tourists can explore the beautiful forest through the Tree Ropeway and the bicycles. This park is well connected with major cities of India. Balasore and Kolkatta are the nearest railway stations. Other than these, travellers can reach the area through the luxury buses. Moreover, Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport.

You can also see the famous Bengal Tiger at the Simlipal national park. There are several other wildlife attractions that tourists can explore. In addition, the park is one of the biosphere reserves in the country.

One of the most attractive waterfalls in the state, the Joranda Falls is located within the Simlipal National Park. The area is also filled with hills and forests. As a result, the waterfall is a perfect picnic spot.

Besides the waterfall, the National Park is also home to a number of chausingha. Visitors can see these animals in the evenings. During the nighttime, leopards are likely to roam the region. If you want to go in search of these animals, you can visit the Park during the monsoon.

Located a few kilometers away from the waterfall, the Barehipani Nature Camp offers a complete package of accommodation, security and food. Guests can also try out table tennis, carom boards and a Tree Ropeway.

Barehipani waterfall is a major tourist attraction in Odisha. This two-tier waterfall is also the second highest in the country.

Mugger crocodile farm

Unlike the saltwater crocodile, the mugger crocodile is a native to the Indian subcontinent. It is considered a threat to both humans and animals because it is a powerful swimmer and is able to swim at great speed. In India, the species is protected by law.

The species is most commonly found in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Muggers have been recorded in the Ganges, Cauvery, Rapti, Mahanadi, Gandak, Dasht, Karnali, Rani Tal, Pocharam Reservoir, and Baan-Ganga Wetlands near Laxar. They are not found in the Sundarbans, which are considered to be the most important locality for the species.

According to the Union Ministry of Forest and Environment, there are two main threats to the mugger crocodile. These are human-crocodile conflict and the conversion of their natural habitats. Since the 1970s, the species has been protected by conservation measures in Odisha and India.

During the mid-1990s, it was estimated that the mugger crocodile population in Gujarat was 1650. Nevertheless, the population has increased since then due to conservation measures. Currently, the state has 530 muggers released in its rivers. Some of these have come from captive breeding in Tamilnadu.

According to the Ramatirtha breeding centre, the female mugger lays around 46 eggs during the dry season. The eggs hatch in 75 to 90 days. Among the other releases, the centre has also released 600 muggers in the Similipal Tiger Reserve.

The Centre is located near the Similipal Tiger Reserve in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. It is located three kilometers from National Highway 49.

Crocodiles can be seen in the wetlands of the Similipal Wildlife Sanctuary. In addition to crocodiles, the sanctuary is home to various other reptiles and birds. Other animals that can be spotted in the sanctuary include the common langur, the barking deer, the jungle cat, and the giant squirrel.

Although the Mugger crocodile is not as prevalent in Assam as in other parts of India, the population is still present in the region. In the northern regions of the country, the crocodile’s population was almost completely eliminated by the 20th century.

Cultural significance

Similipal is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India. The region is home to a number of species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. In fact, the reserve is a part of UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves. There are 15 such reserves in India, and these are based in diverse bio-geographic zones.

There are three main parts of the reserve: the core forest, the transition zone, and the buffer. This area is home to various plants and animals, and contains a number of waterfalls. One of the highlights of the area is the Barheipani Falls. It cascades from a height of 399 metres.

Among the animals found in the reserve are tigers, elephants, and snakes. Also, the park is home to Mugger crocodiles and many types of turtles.

Similipal is also home to a number of indigenous tribes. These people rely on the forest for their livelihood. They are also known for their rituals and folk dances. However, the area is prone to poaching and forest fires. Many of the villages are still not visited by the forest department. As such, there is a huge gap in planning and implementation.

Aside from the tigers, the Reserve is also home to many different species of orchids. Orchids add a lot of beauty to the green foliage.

Other important mammal species in the region include wolves, jackals, and leopard cats. Some of the most notable rivers in the region include the Burhabalanga, Deo, and Khairiburu.

Apart from the tiger, the park is home to many species of birds, including a variety of eagles. The forest is home to a large number of reptiles, as well. So, it is important to stay away from poaching.

Simlipal is considered to be the main tiger project in India. However, experts say that there is a large gap in planning and implementation. Therefore, the government has taken precautionary measures. The area is also home to 52 species of flora and fauna that are endangered.

Several rivers crisscross the plains of the area. In fact, the entire region receives occasional showers from western disturbances.

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