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Sahibinden Review

Sahibinden is a Turkish online classifieds website where you can sell and buy goods and services. It is a multi-category retailer and allows users to post free listings. There are many advantages of using Sahibinden. The site’s logo is simple but effective. It is reminiscent of an antique shop, with a clock in the center.

Sahibinden is an online classifieds and shopping platform based in Turkey

Sahibinden is a classifieds and shopping site that allows users to buy and sell a variety of goods and services. The site offers categories such as automobiles, real estate, construction equipment, spare parts, consumer electronics, and more. Sahibinden also features job postings and provides shipping services for the products sold.

The Sahibinden logo is a simple and clean design that has remained almost unchanged over the years. It is reminiscent of a sign and features a rectangular yellow background with black text on it. The Sahibinden website also has a minimalistic design and offers a number of customizable features.

Sahibinden started in 2000. Originally a newspaper in Istanbul, Sahibinden has since expanded to an entire online portal. The site is a little different from classic online stores in that users can contact the seller directly to discuss their buying or selling needs. The site offers products classified in various categories and offers users the chance to bargain directly with sellers. The site is available in both Turkish and English and even includes an application for both Android and IOS systems.

The Sahibinden site is aimed at users in Turkey and is designed for Turkish users. Adults and business owners use the site to buy and sell goods and services. People can also use the site for business networking purposes and marketing. Sahibinden is one of the biggest online marketplaces in Turkey, and it has been growing rapidly for years.

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It is a multi-category retailer

Sahibinden is a Turkish-language online real estate retailer with a strong position in the online property market. Its e-commerce site, which specializes in selling homes and property, has a well-developed positioning in its market and ranks highly in the league tables for the most popular keywords. Sahibinden also offers a large range of services, including online property valuation.

The company’s e-commerce business is expected to reach $10.2 billion in 2016, a growth rate of more than 15%. While its e-commerce volume is low relative to other prominent e-commerce players in Turkey, its revenue base is strong. As such, this retailer is a solid investment opportunity for venture capitalists looking for multi-million dollar investments in emerging markets.

It has a simple yet effective logo

Sahibinden is an online shopping and classifieds platform based in Turkey. Its logo is a simple yet effective rectangle with a large black “S” in a bright yellow box. The logo also uses muted shades of brown and yellow with an eye-catching gold hue.

The logo of Sahibinden was updated in 2010, with the letters being positioned closer together. While this improved legibility, the new logo also lost the unique style and meaning of the previous logo. The updated logo was more easily recognizable, without the tagline. This makes it ideal for advertising and marketing.

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