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phim setup 5 thuyet minh tieng viet hay nhat 2020

Since we have heard many people asking for some names of Vietnamese movies as to learn about the language, below is the list of the 5 best Vietnamese films on netflix you need to start watching today! Open your browser and look for the exact name of every movie!

Best Vietnamese films on netflix  you should not miss

Mắt Biếc (Dreamy Eyes)

The inspiration of this film came from the work of a famous writer in Vietnam- Nguyen Nhat Anh. It is about Ngạn’s unconditional love for Ha Lan, a close friend who possesses admiringly “dreamy eyes” yet a stubborn personality.

This love story is filled with many emotions, containing childish humor in pure love when they were childhood friends and then getting through many challenges later in their adulthood. However, the couple of friends slowly fell apart as Ha Lan became carried away with the city’s splendor and love affairs.

The story became even more complicated when Tra Long, Ha Lan’s daughter, grew up and rekindled her love for him. While watching it, you have the chance of seeing many beautiful scenes of Vietnam with mesmerizing music, which makes this love story strangely nostalgic yet heart-breaking when you realize how much you can relate to it.

Bố già (Dad, I’m sorry)- one of the most touching Vietnamese films on Youtube that’s ever been made

Bố già may be one of the most impressive Vietnamese films on youtube in the late 2020 considered by many people. It is a simple story about a family living in a poor working-class neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh City.

The main character is Sang, who is a single father raising two children, Quắn and Bù Tọt on his own. Another main character is his first child, the 20-year-old son Quắn, who has the hobby of making money from YouTube.

Contrary to his frugal father, Quan tends to be reckless and impulsive, and easily spends his money on anything he likes. There are a lot more differences between those two as Quan grows up. For instance, Quan is always pursuing a carefree and independent life, while his dad is all about taking care of others, that sometimes he forgets to take care of his own well-being.

Despite their sincere love for each other, the generation gap has resulted in father-son conflicts. Viewers can find a lot of things in common with either the son or the dad, not to mention some of the film’s scenes are very likely to happen once in any household in Vietnam.

Thus, Bố già is one of the movies we highly recommend if you are a fan of the family movie genre.

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Gái Già Lắm Chiêu 5 (Camellia Sisters)

Another highlight film Camellia sisters telling about the love and money of two upper-class sisters, Ly, who live together in the Bach Tra Vien villa in Hue.

This movie talks about the “love and money” affairs of two upper-class sisters, Ly, who live together in the Bach Tra Vien villa in Hue.

Despite being siblings, there is a never-ending competition of love, money, and status behind the image of a close-knit sisterhood. The story began on the night of the auction at Bach Tra Vien when the 30 million dollar antique went missing, and the two sisters began to suspect and attack each other.

This movie’s thrilling plot will definitely keep you on your seat until the end. Thus, this one movie is a must-watch if you have a free night to spend with your friends and family.

Cô gái đến từ hôm qua (The Girl from Yesterday)

This one of the best Vietnamese films on netflix is based on a novel by the well-known writer – Nguyen Nhat Anh as we mentioned above is The Girl From Yesterday. It is a 1997 school drama set in the southern countryside that talks about a sweet young man-Thư who had a crush on a lovely girl named Viet An.

The film alternates stories between the past and the present, starting from the scene where Thư was telling jokes with his next-door neighbor-Tieu Li on a normal day.

However, nobody knew he had always had a crush on Viet An since they were both kids. At the end, while reading a secret book, Thư recognized that Tieu Li was Viet An all along, the girl he has always dreamed about ever since.

Hai Phuong- one of the most iconic action films from Vietnam

If you are a big fan of action movies, Hai Phuong is definitely “that film”. It revolves around the journey of a mother, named Hai Phuong, looking for her beloved child. Her poor little girl got kidnapped by a gang of criminals whose intention is to trade her organs across the borders for money.

In order to save her baby girl, she only has 14 hours to find the kidnappers. During her journey of saving her daughter’s life, she has to overcome lots of deadly fights with infamous criminals trying to get in her way.

We truly hope that this article on the 5 best Vietnamese films on netflix helps you have happy yet emotional moments when watching them. In addition, we also make sure that the culture, as well as the characteristics of Vietnamese people from the past until now reflected through these movies, will make you love our country more.

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