Lying near the town of Chatrapur, Aryapalli beach is a quiet and composed beach.

At a distance of about 3 km from the famous Konark Sun Temple lies the Konark Beach in Orissa.

Puri Beach is one of the busiest beaches of Orissa for its close proximity to the temple of Jagannath Puri, which is one of the Chaar-dhaams of the Hindus.

The cleanest beach of Orissa, Chandipur Beach is a peaceful place for being by the sea. The beach experiences the rare phenomenon of ebb and flow of the Bay of Bengal waters for up to 5 km.

Ramchandi beach gets its name from the temple of Goddess Ramchandi that is situated on the beach and draws a lot of devotees to this beach.

The beach of Gopalpur is a sailor’s paradise. The serene quiet beach with the remnants of the pillars of an old jetty and a port, this beach is secluded and has calm surroundings.

The virgin beach of Orissa, Pati Sonapur is a delightful beach. The untouched and unexplored beach is raw temptation to the beach lovers.

Spreading its aquatic magic and magnetism, Paradeep Beach lies at the unifying point of the Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal.

One of the great things to do in Odisha is to relish the surreal sunset view at Astaranga Beach.

"Outlandish and untouched" is the best way to describe the Balighai Beach.